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During this period of remote learning, Kanopy has made a large selection of "Great Courses" and other videos available to colleges and universities. Here you can browse the available titles, organized by subject area.

Kanopy Title List

The Big Questions of Philosophy (collection)    expires 06/01/20
An Introduction to Formal Logic (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Meaning of Life - Perspectives from the World's Great Intellectual Traditions (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Mind-Body Philosophy (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Creative Thinker's Toolkit - How to Think Creatively (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Psychology of Performance - How to Be Your Best in Life (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Masters of Mindfulness - Transforming Your Mind and Body (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Great Mythologies of the World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Death, Dying, and the Afterlife - Lessons from World Cultures (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Thinking About Religion and Violence (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Sacred Texts of the World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The History of Christianity II - From the Reformation to the Modern Megachurch (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Books that Matter: The City of God (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Apocryphal Jesus (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Reading Biblical Literature: Genesis to Revelation (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Gnosticism - From Nag Hammadi to the Gospel of Judas (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Jesus and His Jewish Influences (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How Jesus Became God (collection)    expires 06/01/20

The Big History of Civilizations (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Celtic World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Foundations of Western Civilization II: A History of the Modern Western World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Living History - Experiencing Great Events of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Archaeology: An Introduction to the World's Greatest Sites (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Discovering Your Roots: An Introduction to Genealogy (collection)    expires 06/01/20


Turning Points in Modern History (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Decisive Battles of World History (collection)    expires 06/01/20
History of the Ancient World - A Global Perspective (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Ancient Civilizations of North America (collection)    expires 06/01/20
History's Great Military Blunders and the Lessons They Teach (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Story of Medieval England - From King Arthur to the Tudor Conquest (collection)    expires 06/01/20
King Arthur: History and Legend (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How Winston Churchill Changed the World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Great Tours: Experiencing Medieval Europe (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Living the French Revolution and the Age of Napoleon (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Great Tours: Greece and Turkey - From Athens to Istanbul (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Famous Romans (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Mysterious Etruscans (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Rise of Rome (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Roman Empire - From Augustus to The Fall of Rome (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Books that Matter: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Renaissance: The Transformation of the West (collection)    expires 06/01/20
A History of Eastern Europe (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The History of Spain: Land on a Crossroad (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Ottoman Empire (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Foundations of Eastern Civilization (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Turning Points in Middle Eastern History (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Ancient Mesopotamia: Life in the Cradle of Civilization (collection)    expires 06/01/20

The Holy Land Revealed (collection)    expires 06/01/20

1948: Creation and Catastrophe: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict expires 06/15/20

The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The History and Achievements of the Islamic Golden Age (collection)    expires 06/01/20
A History of India (collection)    expires 06/01/20
A History of British India (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Duch : Master of the Forges of Hell  expires 06/15/20
Understanding Imperial China - Dynasties, Life, and Culture (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The History of Ancient Egypt (collection)    expires 06/01/20

We are Egypt : the story behind the revolution  expires 06/15/20


The Skeptic's Guide to American History (collection)    expires 06/01/20
American Military History - From Colonials to Counterinsurgents (collection)    expires 06/01/20
I Am Not Your Negro - James Baldwin and Race in America    expires 10/02/20
The Age of Benjamin Franklin (collection)    expires 06/01/20
America in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Reagan Show - The Made-for-TV Politics of Ronald Reagan    expires 01/22/21

The Medicine Game - Two Native American Brothers Working to Play Lacrosse for Syracuse University expires 05/31/20
Maya to Aztec: Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Lost Worlds of South America (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The American West - History, Myth, and Legacy (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Los Angeles Plays Itself - A Cinematic History of Los Angeles expires 4/ 23/21



Polar Explorations (collection)    expires 06/01/20

The Inspiration Series: Our Environment & the Media  expires 06/15/20

The Reluctant Radical - Civil Disobedience to Fight Climate Change  expires 06/15/20
Fundamentals of Sustainable Living (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Anthropology and the Study of Humanity (collection)    expires 06/01/20
A Children’s Guide to Folklore and Wonder Tales (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Trend Beacons - The World of Trend Forecasting expires 05/31/20



Food: A Cultural Culinary History (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Great Tours: England, Scotland, and Wales (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Havana Motor Club: Havana's Underground Drag Racing Community  expires 06/15/20

How to Play Chess - Lessons from an International Master (collection)    expires 06/01/20



Martial Arts for Your Mind and Body (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Changing Body Composition through Diet and Exercise (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Stay Fit as You Age (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Mastering Tai Chi (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Essentials of Strength Training (collection)    expires 06/01/20

SOCIAL SCIENCES (Economics, Labor, Sociology, Social Concerns, Women, Feminism, Family, Gender)

The Economics of Uncertainty (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Build a Thriving Workplace: A Leader's Guide (collection)    expires 06/01/20

She Started It - Female Tech Entrepreneurs expires 05/31/20
An Economic History of the World since 1400 (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Critical Business Skills for Success (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Food fight : inside the battle for Market Basket expires 05/31/20
Money Management Skills (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Art of Investing - Lessons from History’s Greatest Traders (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Understanding Investments (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Vintage Tomorrows - A Closer Look at the Origins of Steampunk expires 05/31/20

The Interrupters    expires 01/22/21

The year we thought about love : behind the scenes of queer youth theater  expires 06/15/20

The Mask You Live In  expires 05/31/20
The Inspiration Series: The Dynamics of Couples (playlist)  expires 06/08/20

The Inspiration Series: The Dynamics of Couples 2 (playlist)  expires 06/08/20

The Inspiration Series: All in the Family (playlist)  expires 06/08/20
Scientific Secrets for Raising Kids Who Thrive (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Miss Representation expires 05/31/20

Pink Saris - Female Political Activists in India    expires 01/22/21
Surname Viet Given Name Nam - The Role of Vietnamese Women in Society    expires 10/31/20
Reassemblage - A Complex Visual Study of the Women of Rural Senegal    expires 01/22/21
The Real History of Secret Societies (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Cities of the Ancient World (collection)    expires 06/01/20

I'm with Phil: A Town, A Tornado, and Twenty People Named Phil  expires 06/08/20
The Mothers of Plaza De Mayo - Argentinian Mothers Fight for Justice    expires 01/22/21

We are legion : the story of the hacktivists  expires 05/31/20
Thinking about Cybersecurity - From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Forensic History - Crimes, Frauds, and Scandals (collection)    expires 06/01/20


The Modern Political Tradition - Hobbes to Habermas (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Surveillance State - Big Data, Freedom, and You (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Athenian Democracy - An Experiment for the Ages (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Investigating American Presidents (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Agency: A History of the CIA (collection)    expires 06/01/20

The Great Trials of World History - And the Lessons They Teach Us (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Law School for Everyone (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Concrete, steel & paint : a film about crime, restoration and healing   expires 06/15/20


How to Become a SuperStar Student - 2nd Edition (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How the World Learns - Comparative Educational Systems (collection)    expires 06/01/20

I Was Born in Mexico, But… Growing Up Undocumented in America  expires 06/15/20


Great Music of the 20th Century (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Whose Is This Song?    expires 11/04/20
Music and the Brain (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Great Works of Sacred Music (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Play Piano (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Learning to Play Guitar - Chords, Scales, and Solos (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Music as a Mirror of History (collection)    expires 06/01/20

30 Masterpieces of the Ancient World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
George: The Story of George Maciunas and Fluxus - Story of an Avant-Garde Artist    expires 04/06/21
How to Look at and Understand Great Art (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Architecture of Power - Great Palaces of the Ancient World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The World's Greatest Churches (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Cathedral (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Draw (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Paint (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Language Families of the World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Writing and Civilization - From Ancient Worlds to Modernity (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Understanding Nonverbal Communication (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Greek 101 - Learning an Ancient Language (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Latin 101 - Learning a Classical Language (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Learning French - A Rendezvous with French-Speaking Cultures (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Learning Spanish II: How to Understand and Speak a New Language (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language (collection)    expires 06/01/20
English Grammar Boot Camp (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Building a Better Vocabulary (collection)    expires 06/01/20
English in America - A Linguistic History (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Biblical Hebrew: Learning a Sacred Language (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Books that Matter: The Analects of Confucius (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Writing Great Fiction - Storytelling Tips and Techniques (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How Great Science Fiction Works (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Sci-Phi: Science Fiction as Philosophy (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Secrets of Great Mystery and Suspense Fiction (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Art of Public Speaking - Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Art of Debate (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Becoming a Great Essayist (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Heroes and Legends - The Most Influential Characters of Literature (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Read and Understand Shakespeare (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Irish Identity - Independence, History, and Literature (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Rest I Make Up - The Mother of Avant-Garde Theater    expires 01/22/21



The Howl  expires 06/08/20
Wings of Desire    expires 04/16/21
La strada    expires 01/10/22
Umbrellas of Cherbourg    expires 04/16/21

J'irai comme un cheval fou = I will walk like a crazy horse  expires 06/08/20
Screenwriting 101 - Mastering the Art of Story (collection)    expires 06/01/20

The Strange Little Cat - Das merkwürdige Kätzchen  expires 05/31/20

Disappearance expires 06/08/20

The Last Family = Ostatnia rodzina  expires 06/08/20

Lamb (Ephraim und das Lamm)   expires 06/15/20
Paris, Texas    expires 10/02/20

Mountains May Depart - Shan He Gu Ren    expires 01/22/21
Mastering Stage Presence - How to Present to Any Audience (collection)    expires 06/01/20


Redefining Reality - The Intellectual Implications of Modern Science (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Science of Information - From Language to Black Holes (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Power of Mathematical Visualization (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Secrets of Mental Math (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Math and Magic (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Algebra I (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles - From Cards to Sudoku (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Mind-Bending Math: Riddles and Paradoxes (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How You Decide: The Science of Human Decision Making (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Geometry - An Interactive Journey to Mastery (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Program - Computer Science Concepts and Python Exercises (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Learning Statistics - Concepts and Applications in R (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Big Data - How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Joy of Mathematics (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Remarkable Science of Ancient Astronomy (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Black Holes, Tides, and Curved Spacetime - Understanding Gravity (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Our Night Sky (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Introduction to Astrophysics (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Radio Astronomy - Observing the Invisible Universe (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Search for Exoplanets: What Astronomers Know (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Life in Our Universe (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Theory of Everything - The Quest to Explain All Reality (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Experiencing Hubble - Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Inexplicable Universe - Unsolved Mysteries (collection)    expires 06/01/20
What Einstein Got Wrong (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Nature of Matter - Understanding the Physical World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Nuclear Physics Explained (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution - Modern Physics for Non-Scientists, 2nd Edition (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Quantum Mechanics - The Physics of the Microscopic World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Understanding the Quantum World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Physics and Our Universe: - How It All Works (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Higgs Boson and Beyond (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Science of Extreme Weather (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Foundations of Organic Chemistry (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Chemistry, 2nd Edition (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Chemistry and Our Universe - How It All Works (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The World’s Greatest Geological Wonders (collection)    expires 06/01/20
A Geology of North America - Wonders of the National Parks (collection)    expires 06/01/20
What Darwin Didn't Know - The Modern Science of Evolution (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Plant Science - An Introduction to Botany (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Scientific Wonder of Birds (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The National Geographic Guide to Birding in North America (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Learning Brain (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons from Neuroscience (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Your Best Brain (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Optimizing Brain Fitness (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Being Human - Life Lessons from the Frontiers of Science (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Stress and Your Body (collection)    expires 06/01/20


The Science of Integrative Medicine (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Living in Emergency  expires 06/15/20
An Introduction to Infectious Diseases (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Science of Natural Healing (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Make Stress Work for You (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Mayo Clinic Guide to Pain Relief (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Black Death - The World's Most Devastating Plague (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Europe on the brink of the Black Death  expires 06/15/20
The Aging Brain (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Techniques for Retraining Your Brain (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Practicing Mindfulness - An Introduction to Meditation (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Addictive Brain (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Medical School for Everyone: Grand Rounds Cases (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Medical School for Everyone - Emergency Medicine (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Motherland - An Intimate Look at the World's Busiest Maternity Hospital    expires 01/22/21
Medical School for Everyone - Pediatrics Grand Rounds (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Skeptic’s Guide to Health, Medicine, and the Media (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie - What Do You Do When Your Brain is Your Enemy? (playlist) expires 06/08/20

The Mayo Clinic Diet - The Healthy Approach to Weight Loss (collection)    expires 06/01/20


How to Grow Anything: Trees and Shrubs (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Science of Gardening (collection)    expires 06/01/20
How to Grow Anything - Your Best Garden and Landscape (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Dog Training 101 (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Understanding the Inventions That Changed the World (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Understanding Greek and Roman Technology - From Catapult to the Pantheon (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Everyday Engineering - Understanding the Marvels of Daily Life (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Do-It-Yourself Engineering (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Understanding the World's Greatest Structures - Science and Innovation from Antiquity to Modernity (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Science of Energy - Resources and Power Explained (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Robotics (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Thermodynamics - Four Laws That Move the Universe (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Understanding Modern Electronics (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Guide to Wine (collection)    expires 06/01/20

Our Blood Is Wine - Georgian Winemaking Traditions expires 05/31/20
National Geographic Masters of Photography (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Fundamentals of Photography (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Fundamentals of Photography II (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Guide to Landscape and Wildlife Photography (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Fundamentals of Travel Photography (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Art of Travel Photography (collection)    expires 06/01/20
Food, Science, and the Human Body (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: The Joy of Mediterranean Cooking (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: Making Healthy Food Taste Great (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: Baking Pastries and Desserts (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: Cooking with Vegetables (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: Essential Secrets of Spices in Cooking (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: How to Master Outdoor Cooking (collection)    expires 06/01/20
The Everyday Gourmet: Making Great Meals in Less Time (collection)    expires 06/01/20


How to Publish Your Book (collection)    expires 06/01/20