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Tutor Scheduling Overview: Home

Main Page

This is the main screen of the tutoring website - If you ever leave the main screen, clicking "Schedule" at the top will take you back to this view.  The schedule always shows the current day on top.Main schedule

Understanding the Schedule

The main schedule contains the entire list of tutors for each subject and their availability. Times in white are available, times in dark blue are blocked off, and then various colors (usually light blue) are used to indicate booked appointments.

Area Tools

Area tools gives you the option to View Standard Display, Add New Client (see Add New Client tab above), and Enter Off-Schedule Report (see After Tutoring tab above).

Standard Display - if you choose "Standard Display" from the Area Tools option, you'll be given an alternative view for limiting tutors, subjects, and viewing your appointments.


Users can limit the view of the schedule in one of two ways:

  1. "Show all staff and resources" on the left side can be dropped down and an individual tutor can be chosen, to view just their availability.
  2. "Show all 'limit to:' options" on the right side can be dropped down and tutors for an individual subject can be chosen.