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Tutor Scheduling Overview: Making An Appointment

New Appointment instructions

Most times students make appointments themselves. However, you also have the ability to make an appointment for a student. To do so, click on the appropriate tutor/day/time combination, and you will be presented with the Create New Appointment screen.

  1. Under Client, start typing the name of the student. If they're in the system, they will show up in a drop-down box and can be chosen. If they're not in the system, "Add New Client" using the instructions on the Add New Client tab above.
  2. Enter the Course and Instructor (or Advisor) for the student, and a short bit about what will be worked on today. 
  3. If they have files they'd like to upload for you to discuss and work on, they can be added via File Attachments.
  4. Leave "Notify Client" checked at the bottom, which will send an email to the student informing them of the appointment.
  5. Click "Create Appointment" and you're all set!

New Appointment