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Incarceration in America: General Information

Online Reference Sources and E-books

Books at Crossett Library

Prison Nation: National Geographic

Locked Up In America

From PBS Frontline, two raw, explosive films that explore America's fixation on incarceration.

Panel on Juvenile Detention

A panel featuring Vincent Schiraldi (moderator), Liz Gaynes, Bart Lubow, JoAnne Page on "Juvenile Detention."


Marshall Project

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Incarceration in America

The United States has the highest documented rate of incarceration in the world, a rate that has increased by 500 percent in the past 40 years. In response to this crisis, Bennington College launched the Incarceration in America inititative. This growing initative includes curriculum, visiting speakers, theatrical events, think tanks, and retreats to develop public policy and political action in the post-tough-on-crime era.

Non-Profit Organizations

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Politico Justice Issue