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Cup Lending Library: Akira Satake



Akira Satake was born in Osaka, Japan but moved to the United States in 1981. He is currently located in Asheville, North Carolina. The following is his artist statement. “For me, the act of creation is a collaboration between myself, the clay and the fire. Collaboration means finding what the clay wants to be and bringing out its beauty in the way that the beauty of our surroundings is created through natural forces. Undulations in sand that have been moved by the wind, rock formations caused by landslides, the crackle and patina in the wall of an old house; all these owe their special beauty to the random hand of Nature. The fire is the ultimate random part of the collaborative equation. I hope the fire will be my ally, but I know it will always transform the clay in ways I cannot anticipate.”

Akira Satake Images

Akira Satake Student Observations