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Cup Lending Library: Yeonsoo Kim

Yeonsoo Kim Background

Yeonsoo Kim was born in Haenam, South Korea. He earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics at Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. 


His work embodies thoroughness, consistency, perfection, and handmade work which emphasizes more free will, casualness, and randomness. In his work, he has been thinking about and exploring the relationship between ideas, notions, and concepts of traditional and contemporary art. This has pushed him in his creative process to continue exploring and creating while leaving room to question and pursue ideas of how to create a new line of ceramics as an expression. In his career as an artist, he has participated in several artist residency programs, including the Baltimore Clayworks, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Montana State University, Innon Art Center, and the Morean Center for Clay.


“My desire is to find and develop my aesthetic sense by focusing on the relationship of the old and the new. The interest in this relationship is getting wider and wider until it reaches human, nature, and space. Until now, a lot of effort and time were spent for develop my works, yet I want to create more inspirational and touching works that integrate both technique and ideas through ceaseless efforts while developing my artistic views and values.”


Yeonsoo Kim Student Use Observations