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Artists' Books in Crossett: Welcome

Overview of the artists' books collection in Crossett Library


Artists' books, simply defined, are books made by artists or works of art in book form. 

This guide to designed to encourage you to explore the collection. Unlike most of Crossett's collections, the artists' books are not in the open shelves, so this guide is a way to digitally browse the collection.

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When you have identified which artists' books you would like to see let us know and we will get them for you.

You can see a list of all our artists' books in the catalog.

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Artist Books in the Crossett Collection

Testament Project Vol. 3 by Kris Graves

Othello – A Bestiary by Ian Whitmore

The Wind: a Project by Thorsten Dennerline and Mark Wunderlich

View by Julie Chen

Wrongly Bodied Two by Clarissa Sligh

This Original Self by Sandra Turley

Persistent Huts by Derek Sullivan

El Muro: The Wall by Eduardo Hernández Santos

Grandmaclock by Elizabeth Zanis

A Touch is All it Takes by Lin Charlston

Atlas of Punctuation by Heidi Neilson

Pistol, Pistil: Botanical Ballistics by Ann Kalmbach

Books about Artists' Book