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US-Africa Relations: General Information

Created for Rotimi Suberu's course, US-Africa Relations (POL4252).


Course Description:

US foreign policy toward Africa has been characterized variously as one of indifference, neglect, selective/constructive engagement, disengagement, reengagement, and so on. This course probes the US-Africa relationship in the light of the seeming prioritization of that interaction by the United States since 9/11. Topics, readings, assignments and presentations will explore alternative paradigms for analyzing US-Africa relations, the historical evolution of the relationships, the strengths and weaknesses of specific US Africa-oriented policies and programs (including the Africa Command, the African Growth and Opportunity Act, the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation), US interventions in African conflicts, and US relations with selected African states, including the ‘anchor states’ of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.      

Obama meets with African leaders

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