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Love and Other Italian Disasters: Background resources

An online research guide to assist students in Barbara Alfano's ITA4607.01 class.


Course description from the Bennington College Curriculum Spring 2016:

In his film “Ricomincio da tre” (I’m Starting Back at Three), the Italian director and protagonist Massimo Troisi responds to his girlfriend, who reminds him that “When you have love, you have everything,”: ”No, you’re wrong, That is health.” This course focuses on representations of love, partnership, and their (im)possibilities in contemporary Italian literature and film, as they narrate of cultural landscapes caught between modernity and tradition. We will also take a chance to explore other literary periods and traditions, for example the lyrical production of Dolce Stil Novo, and the genres of the historical and epistolary novels. Students will get acquainted with Italian thought on love. They will expand their knowledge of Italian literature, culture, history, and film while improving their critical analysis, writing, and research skills. Conducted in Italian. Intermediate‐high and advanced levels combined

Reference sources

Use encyclopedias and other reference materials to get an overview; expand, or narrow your topic; verify dates, names, alternate spellings, etc.

Citation and Style

For information on how to properly cite your work and some excellent links to guides on writing style, check out this library guide.

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