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This is a research guide for Anna Maria Hong's course Contemporary Asian American Literature (LIT2373.01)

Course Description

Contemporary Asian American Literature (LIT2373.01)

Anna Maria Hong

This course provides an introduction to literature from 1990 to the present by Asian Pacific Islander American writers. This course does not comprise a historical survey of Asian American literature, which dates from the 19th century; instead, we will focus on recent Asian American writing, which has greatly expanded in both subject matter and modes of expression during the last quarter century. We will read works in multiple genres and media including poetry, fiction, personal and critical essays, and graphic novels and examine how each author explores issues including racial and ethnic identity, gender and sexual orientation, historical events, inherited tales, audience and reception, and popular culture. We will also analyze the choices each writer has made regarding aesthetic forms of representation. Assignments will include weekly writing responses, longer critical essays, and a group oral presentation. Several of our authors will visit the class via Skype.