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This is a research guide for Marina Zurkow's course Investing in Futures: The Art of Worlding (APA2218.02)

Advertisement for American's Independent Electric Light and Power Companies in Time magazine AP2 .T37 v.68 pt. 2 November 26, 1956.

"By Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow. Traveling Kitchens Deliver Packaged Dinners." advertisement for Seagram's V.O. Canadian Whiskey in Time magazine May 26, 1947. AP2 .T37 v.49 pt. 2

Course Description

Investing in Futures: The Art of Worlding

Marina Zurkow, MFA Teaching Fellow

Futures studies—also known as futurology—has been used by businesses and the military as part of a strategic planning toolkit. This framework of speculating about the future in systemic ways has been adopted by many contemporary artist collectives, in order to challenge assumptions of the present about outcomes in the future. These futuristic models are based on constraints—design limitations— that can spark wild imaginaries liberated from business-as-usual predictions. In this 7-week workshop we will create possible future scenarios in the forms of invented artifacts, writing, and framing devices. The features of these futures will draw from Investing in Futures, the artist-created constraint-design card deck (Mattu/Rothberg/Zurkow) which explores topics such as governance, living conditions, food, climate, technology, and range from possible to absurd.