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Juxtaposition: Drawing and Collage: Home

This is a resource guide for Mary Lum's Juxtaposition: Drawing and Collage (DRW4106.01) class.

Images from ArtStor

Untitled by Mark Bradford

Bourgeois Wedding Couple by Hannah Höch

Those Who Read Bourgeois Newspapers Become Deaf and Dumb by John Heartfield

Aria de Bach by Georges Braque

Red Stripe Kitchen by Martha Rosler

Course Description

Juxtaposition: Drawing and Collage (DRW4106.01)

Mary Lum

Since the beginning of the 20th century, collage has existed as a vehicle for the most diverse ideas and concerns of the times. Collage is not simply a method of assembly, a way to bring unrelated fragments into new contexts, but a way of thinking that reflects revolution of all kinds. From Picasso and Braque to Hannah Höch  and John Heartfield, and more recently Martha Rosler and Mark Bradford, collage confronts the forest of signs, and seeks to cause change through visual means. This drawing course makes use of the traditional media and skills of drawing in combination with found materials and texts. Emphasis is placed on the translation of ideas into a vast quantity of “assembled” drawings.