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Listening and Making: Home

A course guide created for Sal Randolph's Listening and Making course, APA2340.

Course Description


Ben Patterson, Score for String Music (Detail) 1961

This class, for makers in any discipline, explores sound as a resource for creative practice. In our sessions we will engage in specific listening protocols and respond through writing, drawing, recording, moving, and experimental forms of notation. We will gather a wide variety of sounds as source material: reading texts aloud to each other, listening to Nield recordings, industrial sounds, household sounds, and a range of musics. Together we will explore different listening modalities in a collective study of aural attention. The class focus will be on making as practice—as an ongoing activity done for its own sake—and the goal will be for each student to forge a sustainable method for individual practice. We will share what we make together and individually, and work towards Ninal projects.

Iannis Xenakis, from Study for Terretektorh

Daphne Oram, Oramics Machine

Agnes Woodward, from Whistling as Art, 1925