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Art in the Public Realm: The Oslo Project: Home

This is a research guide for Susan Sgorbati's and Jon Isherwood's course Art in the Public Realm: Oslo Project (VA4107.01)

Course Description

Art in the Public Realm: Oslo Project

VA4107.01 Jon Isherwood; Susan Sgorbati

Through the experience of developing with Jon Isherwood a site-specific, commissioned work of art for the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway, students in this course will examine the definition, unique challenges, history, and implementation of public art. Over the course of the term, the class will conduct case studies of prior public art projects and explore the various dimensions of designing and implementing a site-specific project.

How does the artist engage in the diplomatic arena? What are the implications of the arts as “soft diplomacy”? How do the social and political come into play when considering the cultural heritage of a country and how does an artist balance aesthetics with diplomacy and logistics? How are landscape, geology, and ecology considered when placing a work permanently?