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Writing Repository: Action Verbs

A guide to faculty and student writing resources.

Action Verbs by Discipline


Produced Determined Categorized Constructed Archived Engaged Negotiated Resonated Detected Videoed
Organized Enabled Subverted Twisted Painted Erased Inflected Valued Conducted Attached
Restored Dyed Affirmed Splattered Drafted Complicated Embodied Produced Communicated Recorded
Created Drew Destabilized Initiated Revised Interrogated Aligned Crafted Inquired Wrote
Harnessed Reviewed Stabilized Developed Critiques Conflated Captured Originated Compared Occluded
Collaged Researched Charted Fortified Fabricated Juxtaposed Paralleled Encouraged Collected Destroyed
Built Sought Coded Installed Engineered Collaborated Rendered Arranged Described Analyzed
Re-envisioned Discovered Classified Filmed Clarified Articulated Haunted Catalogued Disrupted Designed
Refashioned Reimagined Elicited Reviewed Determined Focused Brushed Conceived Explained Evaluated
Cause Average Test Trace Construct Adapt Exhibit Categorize Report Regulate
Know Function Relate Calculate Express Accompany Suggest Precede Argue Dominate
Extend Maintain Imply Apply Associate Interfere Saturate Value Flow Claim
Remain Grow Mutate Produce Increase Shape Balance Transform Assure Form
Debate Detect Encode Investigate Design Induce Interrogate Stimulate Combine Distribute
Constrain Demonstrate Code Absorb Highlight Generate Determine Foster Transect Pervade
Derive Concentrate Develop Discover Identify Activate Follow Mediate Shed Sample
Measure Conduct Lead Find Uncover Interfere Model Predict Expect Probe
Show Hypothesize Impair Collect Establish Suppress Classify Propose Control Scrutinize
Produce Catalogue Develop Characterize Determine Explain Chart Capture Reimagine Juxtapose
Organize Archive Fortify Deconstruct Enable Evaluate Code Parallel Resonate Value
Restore Draft Enact Craft Mobilize Encourage Classify Render Communicate Articulate
Create Revise Argue Originate Draw Categorize Describe Haunt Inquire Elicit
Harness Critique Achieve Construct Review Subvert Disrupt Probe Engage Contend
Collage Fabricate Contextualize Determine Research Affirm Negotiate Conceive Erase Detect
Provide Clarify Devalue Attach Seek Consider Inflect Occlude Complicate Conduct
Re-envision Analyze Imply Record Discover Destabilize Embody Scrutinize Interrogate Compare
Arrange Design Frame Write Focus Stabilize Align Refashion Conflate Collect