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Bennington College History: Literature: 1960s Literature Readings and Lectures

A guide to the history of literature at Bennington College

1960s Literature Readings and Lectures








  • Howard Nemerov. Commencement address. (1966-06-17)  ProgramPresident Bloustein's 1966 commencement notes and Kenneth Burke honorary degree citation 
  • Donald Finkel. Poetry reading. (1966-10-11) Press release | Quadrille v1 n1 article "Answering Back" is a review of the reading by Andrea Dworkin, '68 
  • Marcelin Pleynet, member of the editorial board of the literary quarterly Tel Quel. Carriage Barn (14 October 1966) Press release | Quadrille v1 n1 article "Marcelin Pleynet On Campus" includes an interview with Pleynet by Andrea Dworkin, '68.
  • Nicholas Delbanco. Reading excerpts from The Martlet's Tale, Grasse 3/23/66,  and Consider Sappho Burning. (16 November 1966) Quadrille v1 n2 article "Delbanco Reading" by Martine Cherau.
  • Francis Ponge. Poetry reading. Carriage Barn. (1966-11-28) Press release | Quadrille, Vol I, No. 3  interview
  • Student Galley complaint."This term not one American writer has been invited to Bennington to read or to speak. The only readings given this term presented Bennington faculty and Bennington-Dartmouth student poets. (The Ponge and Pleynet lectures are irrelevant in this context.)" (Fall term 1966)


  • Christopher Koch, a member of the Literature faculty, will show and comment on his slides of North Vietnam. Commons Theatre. (1967-03-15) Press release.
  • Russell Baker, editoral page columnist for The New York Times. Commencement address. (1967-06-17) press releaseannouncement | program 
  • Homage to William Troy (1903-1961). Commons Theatre. (1967-10-20) announcement


  • "Three Evenings of and about Literature" sponsored the alumni group The Bennington College Council of Greater New York. Held at the Martin Foundation, New York City. "Lecture series to begin." New York Times (1968-01-06) 
    • Nicholas Delbanco. Reading (1968-01-08)
    • Stanley Edgar Hyman. Talk on "Iago" (1968-01-29)
    • Barbara Smith "Sound and Sight in Modern Poetry" (1968-02-19)
  • Richard Tristman. "Humanism and Anti-Humanism in Kierkegaard" Carriage Barn. (1968-05-08) Press release calendar
  • John Barth. "Menelaiad" A mixed-media reading. Carriage Barn. (1968-05-16) Press release calendar
  • Anthony Hecht. Poetry reading. Carriage Barn. (1968-05-21) Press release. 
  • Richard Elman. Reading from his unpublished book "Bad Dreams" (1968-0523) Press release.
  • Nicholas Delbanco. Reading from two novels in progress. Carriage Barn. (1968-06-06) Press release calendar
  • Sandra Hochman, '57. Poetry reading. Carriage Barn. (1968-06-07) Press release calendar
  • Howard Nemerov. "Continuousness and Striking Change" Quote from the address "...I make of course no claim that its charm and kindness belong only or exclusively to Bennington, but it does seem to me true that at Bennington there has grown a style of teaching and a style of learning to go with it, that allow education to be on both sides amiable and humane. This has to do with...a view of young people, both students and teachers, that quietly allow their powers — and with that also their errors — to be beneficial and a source of renewed strength to everyone."  (1968-10-26) Quadrille Winter 1992 p.47
  • Angus Fletcher. "Narcissus and Echo: The Myth of Rhyme" Carriage Barn. (1968-11-14) Press release calendar
  • Michael Benedikt. Poetry reading. Carriage Barn. (1968-11-27) Calendar | Student newspaper Pastiche article "Benedict Poetry: 'Air and Earth'" by Kathleen Norris.


  • Peter Kane Dufault. Poetry reading. Carriage Barn Lounge. (1969-03-27) Bennington College Calendar March 27 - April 3, 1969 (press release) 
  • Homage to Pablo Neruda. "a multi-media homage to Pablo Neruda" with a lecture, film, bilingual reading, and South American music. There will be an exhibit of Nerudiana, including books, letters, and pictures in Crossett Library. The program will include a bilingual reading of eleven poems, in English translation by Ben Bellit. Commons Theatre. (1969-05-01) Bennington College Calendar April 29 - May 5, 1969 (press release) 
  • Mike Thelwell. "Current Aspects of Black Literature" Sponsored by the Black Studies Program. Barn 1. (1969-05-11) Bennington College Calendar May 6 - May 12, 1969 (press release) 
  • Don C. Lee. Poetry reading. Sponsored by the Black Studies Program. Barn 1. (1969-05-13) press release | news clipping 
  • Robert Sward. Poetry reading. Carriage Barn. Informal workshop, Woolley Living Room. (1969-05-15) announcement | Bennington College Calendar May 14 - 22, 1969 (press release) 
  • Michael Benedikt. Poetry reading. Franklin Living Room. (1969-05-22) Press Release Bennington College Calendar May 14 - 22, 1969 (press release) 
  • Literature Division Senior Thesis Reading. Seniors reading: Running Stitch and A Journal of Seems by Annice Jacoby; Lovers of Stars: The Poetic Function of Characterization in the Petrarchan Sonnet Sequences of Ronsard Du Bellay and Sidney by Kathy Girard;  Declension (A draft of a novel) by Leslie Black; Sarah Magee reading from her thesis on Malcolm Lowry' s Under the Volcano, Rose Basile, poems from The Arthritic Dancer. Dewey living room. (10 June 1969) College Week
  • Denise Levertov. "Serendipity and The Act of Commencement" (1969-06) Commencement Speech Abbr. 
  • Poets from Marlboro College. Reading. (fall 1969) Quadrille Vol. IV No. 2 article "Poets Read at Bennington" 
  • Stephen Sandy. Reading selections from his book Stresses in the Peaceable Kingdom. Carriage Barn. (fall 1969) Quadrille Vol. IV No. 2 article "Poets Read at Bennington" 
  • W. S. Merwin. Reading from his recent works, including some new translations. (fall 1969) Quadrille Vol. IV No. 2 article "Poets Read at Bennington" 
  • Galway Kinnell. Reading from several of his books including Body Rags and What a Kingdom it Was. (fall 1969) Quadrille Vol. IV No. 2 article "Poets Read at Bennington" 
  • Marvin Bell and five poets from Bard College. Reading. Booth living room. (fall 1969) Quadrille Vol. IV No. 2 article "Poets Read at Bennington" 
  • "An Evening of Christmas Music and Readings" Peter Wilson, Nicholas Delbanco, Richard Tristman, Stephen Sandy, Barbara Smith, Michael Dennis Browne and John Beary. (1961-12-15) announcement