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Fascinating Rhythm: Costume Design for Musicals: Chicago

This is a research guide for Charles Schoonmaker's Fascinating Rhythm: Costume Design for Musicals (DRA4266.01) class.

ArtStor Examples

Dress, Evening c1925

Dark pink to deep lavender ombré chiffon embroidered overall geometric pattern and gold metallic lace

Hat, day 1925

Wool, silk

Suit, Evening 1933

Brooks Brothers

Dress, Evening 1925

Martha Weathered, Inc.

Dress, Evening 1926

Paul Poiret (1879-1944) Gold silk chiffon, beads and rhinestones

Dress, Evening 1933

Elizabeth Hawes, American, 1903-1971, (Designer)

Coat, Evening 1925

Stein & Blaine | Silk, rhinestones, fur, metallic


Searching Artstor

Searching in ArtStor is a great way to get visual inspiration for your designs through objects and art. One advantage of ArtStor is you can zoom in very closely on the image and look at the details.

Go to Advance Search:

  • Set the dates to 1920 to 1933
  • Geography to North America 
  • Classification to Fashion, Costume, Jewelry

Here are some search term ideas:

  • deco
  • hat
  • flapper
  • dress

Background Sources

Source Material

Finding Resources at Crossett

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