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Fascinating Rhythm: Costume Design for Musicals: Grey Gardens

This is a research guide for Charles Schoonmaker's Fascinating Rhythm: Costume Design for Musicals (DRA4266.01) class.

Examples from ArtStor

Vogue 1962

Red kidskin Halston turban and plaid Originala coat

Robe 1952

Cowled robe gown in velvet by Balenciaga

Mink wrap 1950

Vogue magazine. The design drawn from an antique Chinese robe she owns.

Leopard print 1954

Vogue magazine. Knee-length, Somali leopard wrap 

Coat and turban 1959

pink mohair coat with pink and white print lining and matching print dress by George Carmel, pink chiffon turban, 

Handkerchief 1950

Herzman Scarfs


Searching in ArtStor is a great way to get visual inspiration for your designs through objects and art. One advantage of ArtStor is you can zoom in very closely on the image and look at the details.

Go to Advance Search and set the dates to 1950-1980 and the geography limited to North America and Classification to Fashion, Costume, and Jewelry

Here are some search term ideas:

  • fur
  • turban
  • chiffon

You can also limit the geography to North America and the Classification to Architecture and search for Shingle

Background Sources

Source Material

Finding Resources at Crossett

Search the library catalog only.

Search the catalog, databases, journals & articles.