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The Robert Frost Stone House Museum: Frost Research

This is a research guide for Robert Frost Stone House Museum

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Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in the following years: 1923 New Hampshire, 1931 Collected Poems, 1937 A Further Range, 1943 A Witness Tree

Russell Loines Poetry Prize, 1931

Gold Medal for Poetry, National Institute of Arts and Letters, 1939

Gold Medal, Poetry Society of America, 1941.

Gold Medal, Limited Editions Club, 1949

Award, Academy of American Poets, 1953

First Annual Poetry Award, Boston Arts Festival, 1954

Medal for Distinguished Service in the Fields of Am. Literature, Theodore Roosevelt Society, 1954

Medal of Honor, New York University 1956

Gold Medal, Holland Society of New York, 1957

Gold Medal for Distinguished Service, Poetry Society of America, 1958

Medal for Achievements in the Arts, Signet Society, Harvard College, 1958

Emerson-Thoreau Medal, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1958

Huntington Hartford Foundation Award, 1958

Congressional Gold Medal, 1960

Edward MacDowell Medal, 1962

Congressional Medal presented by President J. F. Kennedy, 1962

Bollingen Prize in Poetry, 1963

Books and E-books

Frost Personal Family Life Chronology

3-26-1874        Birth of Robert Lee Frost, San Francisco, Cal.
6-25-1876        Birth of Jeanie Frost (sister)
5-5-1885          Death of father, Will Frost, in San Francisco.
                         Family returns to Lawrence, Mass. for burial.
Sept 1888        Robert enters Lawrence High School
May 1890         Robert writes his first poem La Noche Triste
June 1892        Robert graduates from Lawrence High School sharing valedictorian honors with Elinor White.
Sept 1892         Enters Dartmouth. Leaves before end of term.
1893 -1894       Teaches in local schools. Works in the mills.
11-8-1894         First poem published: "My Butterfly: An Elegy"
1895                 Works as a reporter, teaches school.
12-19-95           Marries Elinor Miriam White in Lawrence.
9-25-96             First child, Elliott, born to Rob and Elinor.
Sept. 1897        Enters Harvard University.
3-31-1899         Leaves Harvard. Returns to Lawrence.
4-28-1899         Second child, daughter Lesley born.
7-8-1900           First child, Elliott dies.
Oct., 1900         Frost family moves to farm, Derry, N. H.
11-2-1900         Frost's mother, Isabelle, dies of cancer.
5-27-1902         Third child, son Carol born.
6-27-1903         Fourth child, daughter Irma born.
3-29-1905         Fifth child, daughter Marjorie born.
6-18-1907         Sixth child, Elinor Bettina born -dies within days.
11-16-1911        Sells Derry Farm. Lives in Plymouth, N. H. and teaches at N. H. State Normal School.
Sept., 1912       The Frost family sails for England.
10-26-1912       First book of poetry accepted by publisher.
5-15-1914         Second book published
2-13-1915         The Frost family returns to the U. S. Buys farm in Franconia, N. H.
Oct., 1920         Moves to Shaftsbury, Vermont, buys the Stone House.
Dec., 1928        Buys second farm, The Gulley in Shaftsbury.
9-7-1929           Sister Jeanie, dies.
5-2-1934           Daughter Marjorie dies following childbirth.
3-20-1938         Wife, Elinor dies of a heart attack in Florida.
Summer, 1938  Frost rents apartment in Boston.
Sept., 1939       Frost buys The Homer Noble Farm, Ripton, Vt to use as a summer residence.
Oct 9, 1940       Son Carol dies of suicide in Shaftsbury.
Spring, 1941     Frost buys home in Cambridge, Mass
1-29-1963         Frost dies in Boston. Burial in First Church Cemetery Bennington

Frost Publications

April, 1913     A Boy's Will, English edition

May, 1914      North of Boston, English edition

Feb, 1915      North of Boston, American edition

April, 1915      A Boy's Will, American edition

Nov, 1916       Mountain Interval

Mar, 1923       Selected Poems

Nov, 1923      New Hampshire

Nov, 1928     West-running Brook

Nov, 1930     Collected Poems

May, 1936     A Further Range

Feb, 1939     Collected Poems

April, 1942    A Witness Tree

Mar, 1945     A Masque of Reason

May, 1947    Steeple Bush

Sept, 1947   A Masque of Mercy

April, 1949    Complete Poems

Mar, 1962     In the Clearing 

Academic Chronology

Spring, 1893

Spring, 1894

Spring, 1895

Spring, 1906 - June 1911

Sept, 1911 - 1912

Jan, 1917 - May 1920

Sept 1921 - 1922

Nov. 1923 - 1925

Sept. 1925

Sept. 1926 - June, 1938


May, 1939 -1943

Sept, 1943 - 1949

Oct. 1949

1938 - 1962

Methuen Elementary School

Salem District School

Private School of Isabelle Moodie Frost

Pinkerton Academy

New Hampshire State Normal School

Amherst College

University of Michigan, "Poet in Residence" and

"Fellow in Creative Arts"

Amherst College, Professor of English

University of Michigan, "Fellow in Letters"

Amherst College, Professor of English

Associate Fellow, Pierson College, Yale University

Harvard University, Ralph Waldo Emerson Fellow in Poetry

Dartmouth College, George Ticknor Fellow in the Humanities

Amherst, Simpson Lecturer in Literature

Lecturer, Bread Loaf School of English and Writers' Conference

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