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Art in Crossett Library: Lorna Simpson

This is a guide to works of art on display in Crossett Library.

Location: Crossett Library Upper Level, Camille Guthrie's Office

Lorna Simpson at TEDxMet


Lorna Simpson

American, 1960-





Electrostatic heat transfer in colors on wool felt

12 X 15.25 in.


Anonymous Gift



Lorna Simpson first became well-known in the mid-1980s for her large- scale photograph-and-text works that confront and challenge narrow, conventional views of gender, identity, culture, history and memory. With unidentified figures as a visual point of departure, Simpson uses the figure to examine the ways in which gender and culture shape the interactions, relationships and experiences of our lives in contemporary America. In the mid-1990s, she began creating large multi-panel photographs printed on felt that depict the sites of public – yet unseen – sexual encounters. Over time she turned to film and video works in which individuals engage in enigmatic conversations that seem to address the mysteries of both identity and desire. Throughout her body of work, Simpson questions memory and representation.

Lorna Simpson

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