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Bennington College History: Music: 1930s

A Guide to the History of Music at Bennington College

1930s Music Concerts and Lectures





  • Ray Lev, Pianist. March 27. Commons Theater. Program
  • The Curtis String Quartet. April 2. Commons Theater. Program 
  • Bennington College Chorus. April 14. Second Congregational Church. Program
  • Margaret Aue and  Rudolph Pittaway. Sonata Recital. April 23. Evening Meetings
  • Mariana Lowell, Margaret Aue, Gregory Tucker concert. May 14. Commons Theater. Program
  • Mariana Lowell, Rudolph Pittaway concert. June 18. Commons Theater. Program
  • Student Recital. June 19. Evening Meetings
  • Julian H. DeGray piano recital. August 21. Program
  • Julian H. DeGray piano recital. September 8. Program
  • Roth String Quartet. September 24. Common Theater. Program | Evening Meetings
  • Ralph Kirkpatrick, harpsichordist. October 13. Commons Theater. Program Evening Meetings
  • Leon Barzin, Violist, and Julian DeGray, Pianist. October 29. Commons Theater. Program  Evening Meetings
  • Student Work in Drama and Music. November 5. Evening Meetings
  • Lucia Chagnon, Soprano and Edna Willington Smith, Accompanist. November 12. Common Theater. Program Evening Meetings
  • Henry Cowell. "Records of Primitive  and Oriental Music" November 21. Evening Meetings
  • Student Work in Music. November 26. Evening Meetings
  • Student Work in Music. December 3. Evening Meetings
  • Service of Carols by the Chorus of Bennington College, Rudolph Pittaway, Director and Organist. December 15. St. Peter's Episcopal Church. Program
  • Mariana Lowell, Margaret Aue, Gregory Tucker recital. December 19. Common Theater. Program | Evening Meetings