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Bennington College History: Music: 1940s

A Guide to the History of Music at Bennington College

1940s Music Concerts and Lectures







  • Faculty concert: Ethel Luening, Otto Luening, and Carlos Buhler. April 11. General Meeting Report
  • Concert: Mathilde Zwilling. April 25. General Meeting Report
  • Quartet concert: Orrea Pernel, Ruud, George Finckel, Mariana Lowell. May 9. General Meeting Report
  • Dance Concert by Martha Graham and Company Louis Horst, Musical Director. July 2 & 3. Sign
  • Concert: Carlos Buhler, George Finckel, Otto Luening. July 25. Carriage Barn. College Week (includes program)



  • Concert conducted by Paul Boepple. July 19. Jennings Hall. College Week (includes program)


  • Bennington College Chorus under the direct of Paul Boepple and Williams Glee Club concert. April 25. Carnegie Hall, New York. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert Paul Matthen and Ernest Levy. May 7. Beacon article
  • Faculty member Gregory Tucker was a guest soloist at a Boston Pops Orchestra concert under the direction of Arthur Fiedler to benefit the Bennington College Scholarship Fund. May 24. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert George Finckel, Gunnar Schonbeck, Orrea Pernel, Julian DeGray. May 21. Carriage Barn. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert George Finckel, Gunnar Schonbeck, Orrea Pernel, Julian DeGray, Emeline Ranaudo June 4. Beacon article
  • Bennington College Orchestra. June 17 Carriage Barn. Beacon article 
  • Paul Matthen and Ernst Levy concern Schubert's "Winterreise."July 3. Beacon article
  • Bennington College chorus concert. July 11. Beacon
  • Faculty concert Orrea Pernel, Ernst Levy and Julian DeGray. September 10. Beacon article 
  • Chorus concert for President Burkhardt's inauguration. October 4. Beacon article 
  • Faculty concert "Sonata for Cello in A major" by Boccherini and "Hammerklavier Sonata Opus 106" by Beethoven. October 8. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert Paul Matthen, accompanied by Ernst Levy, sang Schubert's "Die Schone Mullerin" November 5. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert Hazel Johnson, Gunnar Schonbeck, Orrea Pernel, Julian DeGray. November 19. Beacon article 
  • Bennington College Chorus concert directed by Paul Boepple. December 10. Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. Beacon article (includes program)


  • George Finckel, Orrea Pernel, Julian DeGray. April 7. Carriage Barn. Beacon article
  • Chih-seng Chi "Selections from Chinese Opera" on violin. April 29. Beacon
  • Julian DeGray Piano Recital. April 29. Beacon article
  • Bennington College Chorus concert, conducted by Paul Boepple. May 7. Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Beacon article
  • Informal faculty concert: Orrea Pernel, Emeline Ranaudo, George Finckel, Ernst Levy, Robert Sanders, Julian DeGray. June 2. Carriage Barn. College Week
  • Senior concert. June 9. Beacon article
  • Concert: Paul Matthen, Ernst Levy, and George Finckel. June 30. Carriage Barn. Beacon article
  • Commencement concert. Ernst Levy conducting the Bennington Chorus and Orchestra performing Dido and Aeneas. July 9. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert Orrea Pernel, Franck; Gunnar Shoenbeck, George Finckle, Claude Franks, Paul Hindemith, and Lionel Nowak. September 30. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert. September 16. Beacon article
  • Bennington Octet student singers concert. October 8 Williams College. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert. October 14. Beacon article
  • Bennington Night, including a concert among other events. November 8. Hunter College Playhouse. Beacon article
  • Faculty concert Ernst Levy. November 11. Beacon article
  • Bennington College Chorus and Dessoff Choir concert. December 5. Carnegie Hall, New York. Beacon article


  • Faculty concert. April 7. Beacon article
  • Hindemith Quartet concert: Paul Hindemith, Gunnar Schonbeck, Orrea Pernel, George Finckel, and Lionel Nowak. Also Claude Frank. May 12. Carriage Barn. College Week (includes program)
  • Dartmouth Bennington Music Faculty Exchange Concert. May 26. Bennington. College Week
  • Hootenanny: The Weavers, Pete Seeger, and Paul Bain. May 27. Carriage Barn. Beacon article
  • Dartmouth Bennington Music Faculty Exchange Concert. May 29. Hanover, New Hampshire. College Week
  • Commencement concert. July 1. Carriage Barn. College Week (includes program)
  • Grete Stueckgold, accompanied by Claude Frank, recital of Lieder. November. Beacon article