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Bennington College History: Music: 1960s

A Guide to the History of Music at Bennington College

1960s Music Concerts and Lectures







  • Concert: Gunnar Schonbeck, Luigi Tavelli, George Finckel, Vivian Fine, Pril Smiley, Richard Elwell, Louis Calabro, Frank Eaker, Kenneth Schmidt, Walter Lehmann; Irwin Shainman, Henry Brant. Concert given in memory of Peter Nelson, shipping room clerk at Bennington College, 1932-1964. March 10. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Recital by Robert Nowak and Lionel Nowak. March 14. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Concert of Duets: Stephanie Brown, Donald Brown, Nancy Starke. March 24. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Wendy Erman Concert. April 14. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Chamber Music Concert: Gunnar Schonbeck, George Finckel, Vivian Fine, Mei Mei Sanford, Henry Brant, Bambi Bernhard, Carolyn Heimburger, Simone Juda, Sharon Powers, Joan Harkness, Alice Webber, Christopher Finckel, Cornelia Crocker, Nancy Newton, Frank Baker, Olivia Koppell. April 28. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Music by Pril Smiley: A Program of First Performances. May 5. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Concert Joan Brockway and Philip Oliver. May 9. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio 
  • Music Seminar for Alumnae (Program) Newton, Nancy - Piano; Erdman, Wendy - Voice; Finckel, Marianne - Piano; Bostelmann, Pamela - Cello; Crocker, Celia - Cello; Siegel, Loren - Cello; Lapp, Claudia - Flute; Holden, Isabella - Soprano; Smiley, Pril - Percussion; Calabro, Louis - Percussion; Siegel, Loren - Voice (1965-05-15)
  • A Faculty Concert (Program and Audio)  Baker, Frank - Tenor; de Gray, Julian - Piano; Pernel, Orrea - Violin; Fine, Vivian - Piano (1965-05-26)
  • Senior Concert including a Pril Smiley composition played by Lionel Nowak. June 18. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Autumn Concert Bennington College Community Orchestra conducted by Henry Brant. October 2. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • A Concert of String Chamber Music: NRT Music Tour. December 8. Program
  • A Student Concert in Honor of Wendall Mattison (Program) Pernel, Orrea - Violin; Koppell, Olivia - Violin; Gussow, Olga - Viola; Finckel, George - Cello; Schonbeck, Gunnar - Baritone Saxophone; Rohinsky, Harold - Clarinet; Sanford, Mei-Mei - Trumpet; Brightenback, Kristin - Piano; Osthues, Nancy - Voice; Powers, Sharon - Flute; Phillis, Susan - Piccolo; Wilder, Linda - Conductor; Bostelmann, Pamela - Cello; Forbes, Diana - Flute; Levy, Lauren - Harpsichord; Schneider, Janis - Cello; Crocker, Cornelia - Bass; Harkness, Joan - Violin; Webber, Alice - Viola; Parris, Susan - Voice; Kaplan, Gerry - Piano; Daniels, Carey - Voice; Ozanich, Marc - Baritone; Liebenberg, Jean - Cello; Berke, Martha - Clarinet; Wallace, Constance - Bassoon; Schonbeck, Gunnar - Oboe; Harkness, Joan - Viola (1965-12-14)
  • A Christmas Concert of Chamber Music. December 15. Program


  • Celia Hudson, Pianist (Program and Audio) Hudson, Celia - Piano (1966-05-08)
  • Bennington College Community Orchestra conducted by Henry Brant. May 12. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Olivia Koppell, Violinist (Program and Audio) Koppell, Olivia - Violin; Finckel, George - Cello; Finckel, Michael - Cello; Nowak, Robert - Cello; Gilman, George - Percussion; Chaffee, Deborah - Harpsichord; Finckel, Marianne - Piano; Brecker, John - Cello; Hudson, Celia - Piano (1966-05-25)
  • Marc Ozanich, Baritone. June 13. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • A Concert Presented by Students (Program and Audio) Sanford, Mei-Mei - Trumpet; Schonbeck, Karen - French Horn; Schonbeck, Gunnar; Finckel, Michael; Rowland, Taylor - Tuba; Fine, Vivian - Piano; Webber, Alice - Viola; Norris, Kathleen - Flute; Finckel, Marianne - Piano; Lapp, Claudia - Voice; Forbes, Diana - Flute; Bostelmann, Pamela - Cello; Brightenback, Kristin - Piano; Gilman, George - Percussion; Brant, Henry - Piano; Phillis, Susan - Flute; Silverstein, Barbara - Piano; Powers, Sharon - Flute; Nowak, Robert - Cello; Finckel, Christopher - Cello; Crocker, Muffy - Cello; Koppell, Olivia - Conductor (1966-06-15)
  • A Concert of Chamber Music Performed by Bennington Music Faculty. September 14. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio 
  • Bennington College Community Orchestra and Chorus. October 13. Quadrille article
  • Vivian Fine lecture / recital "20th Century Piano Music". November 7. Carriage Barn. Program 
  • Victor Rosenbaum, pianist. Concert of works by Mozart, Brahms, Webern, Beethoven and Rosenbaum. Carriage Barn. November 13. Press release. 
  • Mark Bucci, composer. Lecture "Recent Trends in Musical Comedy" Carriage Barn. November 15. Press release.
  • Faculty concert. November 30. Carriage Barn. Press release. 
  • Celia Hudson and Deborah Chaffee in a Concert of Music for Two Pianos. December 6. Carriage Barn. Program
  • M.I.T. Concert Band. Concert will feature two Bennington seniors compositions "Chrivari" by Alice Weber and "Rural Free Delivery" by Joan Harkness. Carriage Barn. December 11. Press release.
  • Faculty Concert. December 15. Carriage Barn. Program


  • Symposium for Student Composers. March 19-21. University of Rochester. Program
  • Concert of String Quartets: Eric Rosenblith, Edward Sherrard, Jacob Glick, George Finckel. March 22. Carriage Barn.  Program and Audio
  • Off Campus Concert. March 31. Greenwich House Music School, NYC. Program
  • Concert by Isabella Holden Bates '65, Stephen Bates, Deborah Chaffee, and Carol Rankin. May 3. Carriage Barn. Program
  • A Senior Concert by Sharon Powers (Program and Audio) Powers, Sharon - Flute; Rosenblith, Eric - Violin; Finckel, George - Cello; Kaplan, Gerry - Harpsichord; Ogle, Alex - Flute; Nowak, Lionel - Piano (1967-05-31)
  • First Concert of the Season. September 20. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Faculty Concert: Orrea Pernel, Eric Rosenblith, Carolyn Bond, Deborah Carter, Olga Gussow, Regan McLeod, Alison Nowak, Leonard Rowe, Sylvia Savage, Elinor Siegel, Sheela Harden, Cary Kitteridge, David Schreiber, George Finckel, Gael Alcock, Gunnar Schonbeck, Gerry Kaplan, Frank Baker, Vivian Fine, Clare Weinraub, Phyllis Pearson, Louis Calabro. October 11. Program
  • Concert by Fania Chapiro . October 25. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Faculty Concert: Gunnar Schonbeck, Anthony Fulginiti, Edward Whiteside, Frank Baker, Eric Rosenblith, George Finckel, Vivian Fine, Louis Calabro, Gail Schonbeck. November 8. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio 
  • Faculty Concert: Frank Baker, Marianne Finckel, Vivian Fine. November 22. Carriage Barn.  (Program and Audio)
  • Concert by Dollar Brand, a South African jazz pianist and his trio. November 29. Carriage Barn. Announcement
  • The New World Free State present Lavender Environment. Music by the Dark Ages. A head shop from New York City will be displaying and selling things psychedelic. Jam session. Jazz. December 1, 2, 3. Carriage Barn. Announcement
  • Student Concert. December 6. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Concert of String Trios Eric Rosenblith, Jacob Glick, George Finckel. December 13. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio


  • 4th Annual Symposium for Student Composers. March 17-19. Bennington College. Program | Quadrille article
  • Bennington College Community Orchestra: Program of Premieres: New Works by Bennington Alumnae. Henry Brant conducting. April 5. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio 
  • Sue Kahn and Zita Carno Concert. "Classics from the 20th Century" April 10. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Orrea Pernel in a Farewell Recital of Sonatas in collaboration with Lionel Nowak and Julian DeGray. April 17. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Beth Reveley, '68 will present an environment including oscilloscopes, tone generators, body painting, strobes, black Iight, color organs, live musicians, electronic tapes, fog. College Week | Announcement galley
  • Commencement Concert. Friday June 14. Carriage Barn. College Week (includes program)
  • Faculty Concert: Frank Baker, Marianne Finckel, Lionel Nowak, Sylvia Rosenberg, Gunnar Schonbeck. September 18. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Carl Ruggles Festival September 29. Bennington, Vermont. Program | Pastiche article
  • Concert by Carol Diamond Feuer '51 and Elizabeth Birnbaum. October 3. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Senior Music Concert. Carriage Barn. 5:30 pm. October 13. 
  • Halim El Daab, a musicologist from Howard University lecture on African music and a demonstration of African instruments.  October 13. Carriage Barn Theatre. 8:30 pm Pastiche article 
  • Concert of Chamber Music Performed by Bennington College Music Faculty and Assisting Artists: Rheinhoud van der Linde, Frank Baker, Henry Brant, Lionel Nowak, Sylvia Rosenberg, Per Brevig, George Finckel, Gunnar Schonbeck, Charles Thompson. October 16. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio 
  • Llyod McNeill Quartet concert (Lloyd McNeill, Gene Rush, Eric Gravatt, Steve Novosel) Carriage Barn. October 22. 
  • Bernice Reagon, "singer of Afro-American music will give a concert". Part of the Seminar in Black Culture series. Carriage Barn. October 29. 
  • Faculty Concert: Frank Baker, Baker, Vivian Fine, Lionel Nowak, Sylvia Rosenberg, Gunnar Schonbeck, George Finckel, Phyllis Pearson, Clare Weinraub, Louis Calabro. October 30. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Faculty Concert: Frank Baker, Olivia Koppell, Hilary Apjohn, Carolyn Bond, Alison Nowak, Elinor Siegel, Sylvia Rosenberg, George Finckel, Janet Riley, Martha Siegel, Joan Zucker, Susan Phillis, Lynn Gordon, Christine Graham, Louis Calabro, Sherry Ott, Johanna Rose, Helly-Anne Risser, Ruth Arnold, Charlotte Albright, Martha Siegel, Eleana Watson, Caroline Darby, Sarah Tenney, Priscilla Rowe, Vivian Fine, Marianne Finckel, Madeline Blum, Kittredge Cary, Olga Gussow, Charles Thompson, Gail Swinnerton, Huntley Beyer, Gunnar Schonbeck, Frances Allen, Henry Brant. (1968-12-03). Carriage Barn. Program
  • Vladimir Ussachevsky. Lecture demonstration of electronic music. Also a showing of a film he made "The Incredible Voyage" Carriage Barn. (1968-12-05)
  • A Senior Concert by Gerry Kaplan (Program) Kaplan, Gerry - Piano; Swinnerton, Gail - Clarinet; Berg, Leslie - Flute (1968-12-11)
  • NRT Student Music Tour Concert. Carriage Barn. (1968-16-09)


  • An Evening of Chamber Music (Program and Audio) Baker, Frank - Tenor; Gussow, Olga; Nowak, Lionel; Kaplan, Gerry; Apjohn, Hilary; Nowak, Alison; Blum, Madeline; Riley, Janet; Bond, Carolyn; Siegel, Elinor - Violin; Swinnerton, Gail (1969-03-12)
  • A Senior Concert by Kris Brightenback (Program) Brightenback, Kristin - Piano (1969-04-12)
  • Concert by Wendy Erdman '65 and Lynn Crigler. April 20. Carriage Barn. Program
  • An Evening of Lute and Songs to the Lute (Program and Audio) van Acker, Christiane - Voice; Podolski, Michael - Lute (1969-04-21)
  • Manhattan Voice Quintet in a Program of Renaissance Music for Unaccompanied Voices. April 30. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • A Senior Concert by Olga Gussow, Violin (Program) Gussow, Olga - Violin; Nowak, Lionel - Piano; Kaplan, Gerry - Piano; Finckel, George - Cello; Finckel, Christopher - Cello; Riley, Janet - Cello; Finckel, Marianne - Cello; Siegel, Martha - Cello; Wallace, Constance - Cello; Woodner, Andrea - Cello; Zucker, Joan - Cello; Finckel, Michael - Conductor (1969-05-28)
  • Concert by Margaret Ramsey Meachem '42 and Nancy Hirsche. June 1. Carriage Barn. Program
  • A Senior Recital by Erica Robin (Program) Brant, Henry - Conductor; Robin, Erica - Piano; Gussow, Olga - Violin; Apjohn, Gussow - Violin; Bond, Carolyn - Violin; Nowak, Alison - Violin; Graham, Christine - Flute; Borda, Deborah - Viola; Blum, Madeline - Viola; Robin, Harry - Viola; Siegel, Martha - Cello; Zucker, Joan - Cello; Finckel, Marianne - Bass (1969-06-09)
  • A Senior Concert by Robin Newhouse (Program and Audio) Newhouse, Robin - Voice; Newhouse, Robin - Guitar; Apjohn, Hilary - Violin; Borda, Deborah - Violin; Zucker, Joan - Cello; Finckel, Marianne - Piano; Child, Carol - Voice; Rose, Johanna - Voice; Satterlee, Catherine - Voice; Hanni, David - Guitar; Finckel, Michael - Cello; Graham, Christine - Flute; Sanford, Mei-Mei - Trumpet; Nowak, Lionel - Piano (1969-06-04)
  • A Senior Recital by Erica Robin (Program) Brant, Henry - Conductor; Robin, Erica - Piano; Gussow, Olga - Violin; Apjohn, Gussow - Violin; Bond, Carolyn - Violin; Nowak, Alison - Violin; Graham, Christine - Flute; Borda, Deborah - Viola; Blum, Madeline - Viola; Robin, Harry - Viola; Siegel, Martha - Cello; Zucker, Joan - Cello; Finckel, Marianne - Bass (1969-06-09)
  • A Concert of Original and Repertory Music Performed by Students (Program) Schonbeck, Gunnar - Flute; Horton, Beth - Flute; Norris, Kathleen - Flute; Mower, Carolyn - Voice; Finckel, Marianne - Piano; Finckel, George - Cello; Siegel, Martha - Cello; Peck, William - Cello; Zucker, Joan - Cello; Finckel, Michael - Conductor; Schulte, Rolf - Violin; Mundell, Karen - Piano; Mundell, Karen - Harpsichord; Bond, Carolyn - Conductor; Sherk, Jerome - French Horn; Finckel, Christopher - Cello; Finckel, Marianne - Bass; George, David - Viola; Pearson, Phyllis - Percussion; Tenney, Sarah - Percussion; Deanin, Nancy - Clarinet; Graham, Christine - Flute; Graham, Christine - Piccolo; Swinnerton, Gail - Bass Clarinet (1969-06-10)
  • Concert: Eric Rosenblith, Cecylia Arzewski Dickson, Jacob Glick, George Finckel, Michael Finckel, Christopher Finckel, Gael Alcock, Narianne Finckel, Frank Sherman Baker. September 17. Carriage Barn. Program
  • James Tenney '58 Visits Campus 1969-10)
  • A Concert of Chamber Music: Gunnar Schonbeck, Jacob Glick, Marianne Finckel, Michael Finckel, Charlotte Albright, Pamela Downs, Jane Glick, Tordis Isselhardt, Pamela Moore, Catherine Satterlee, Lynn Salomon, Elissa Weitz, Anne Wheeler, Maria Williams, George Finckel, Gael Alcock, Christopher Finckel, Martha Siegel, Constance Wallace, Marianne Finckel. October 8. Carriage Barn. Program and Audio
  • Concert of Chamber Music: Douglas Nordli, Vivian Fine, Louis Calabro, Jacob Glick, Henry Brant, Gunnar Schonbeck, Frank Baker, George Finckel, Marianne Finckel, Bill Dixon. October 22. Carriage Barn. Program
  • Bennington College Community Orchestra Concert conducted by Henry Brant. December 4. Bennington Armory. Program and Audio