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Bennington College History: Music: Pedagogy and Philosophy

A Guide to the History of Music at Bennington College

Documents Related to Philosophy and Pedagogy

Minutes of the Faculty Meeting (1945-11-14) A full transcription of the meeting about teaching introductory level literature, music and art. Paul Boepple presented for music. Full faculty discussion after the presentations. 

The Performing Arts at Bennington (1965) This document is a statement of policy, curriculum and development, particularly reference to space requirements and for planning the construction of the new Visual and Performing Arts building. Document pages 19-23 discuss the Music program and philosophy, space needs, and objective of the Music division.

Proposal for a Department of Black Music ´╗┐Jimmy Cheatham, (1972-05-08)

Statement of Intents and Purposes with Regard to Being a Division Among Divisions at Bennington College Bill Dixon(1974-04-22)