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The Line of Clothing: Rendering for Costume Design: Everyman

A resource guide for Chip Schoonmaker's The Line of Clothing: Rendering for Costume Design DRA2267


Searching in ArtStor is a great way to get visual inspiration for your designs through objects and art. One advantage of ArtStor is you can zoom in very closely on the image and look at the details.

Go to Advance Search and set the dates to 800-1400 and the geography limited to Europe 

Here are some search term ideas:

  • "book of hours"
  • fresco 
  • heaven OR hell
  • tapestry

Below is an image gallery of the types of images you can find with these searches. 

ArtStor Examples

Scenes from the Life of Saint Ursula. Tommaso da Modena c. 1355-66

(c) 2006, SCALA, Florence/ART RESOURCE, N.Y.

Manuscript of the Apocalypse French ca. 1330

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters Collection, 1968 (68.174)

Social Games Tapestry 14th C.

Germanisches Nationalmuseum N├╝rnberg

Bayeux Tapestry: det.: shipwrights at work c. 1077

ARTstor Slide Gallery

Tacuinum Sanitatis fol. 105v linen clothing Late 14 C.

├ľsterreichische Nationalbibliothek

Angel locking the Damned in Hell; illumination, fol. 39 from the Psalter of Henry of Blois mid 12th C.

British Library, London [Cotton MS. Nero C. IV]

Books in Crossett