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The Line of Clothing: Rendering for Costume Design: Marie Antoinette

A resource guide for Chip Schoonmaker's The Line of Clothing: Rendering for Costume Design DRA2267


Searching in ArtStor is a great way to get visual inspiration for your designs through objects and art. One advantage of ArtStor is you can zoom in very closely on the image and look at the details.

Go to Advance Search and set the dates to 1760-1795. Set the Collection to "Fashion, Costume and Jewelry" Search for Marie Antoinette, France, or French

ArtStor Examples

Gallerie des Modes et Costumes Français. 7e. ... Pierre Thomas Le Clerc

The Elizabeth Day McCormick Collection, (44.1296)

Dress (Robe à la Française) 1760-1770

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Irene Lewisohn Bequest, 1960 (C.I.60.40.2a, b)

Fan, French 1750-1774

Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Metropolitan

Dress, Evening 1760-1770

Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Metropolitan

Queen Marie-Antoinette Elisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun 1788

Château de Versailles (Versailles, France),

Books at Crossett

Biographical Information

Marie Antoinette (ăntwənĕt′, äNtwänĕt′), 1755–93, queen of France, wife of King Louis XVI and daughter of Austrian Archduchess Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I. She was married in 1770 to the dauphin, who became king in 1774. Her marriage had been made to strengthen France's alliance with its long-time enemy, Austria. The union, however, was not altogether popular, and Marie Antoinette's actions only increased hostility toward her. She constantly sought the advice of the Austrian ambassador and attempted to influence French foreign policy in favor of Austria. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. 6th Edition. Q2 2016, p1-1. 1p. Longer Biography