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Community Reading List: 2019 Complete List

Each year the library compiles reading recommendations for the Winter Break.

Barbara Alfano

"In this first-person narrative, Aeneas's last wife finally speaks to tell us who she is...  Lavinia thinks of herself as a woman and as a character. Very interesting writing experiment." 

Andrew Cencini

Judith Enck

Sarah Harris

"Two books I've been thinking about a lot lately:" 

"And two adaptations:  Runaway by Alice Munro. Three of these stories ("Chance," "Soon," and "Silence") were adapted into Pedro Almodóvar's gorgeous most recent film Julieta. This is an Almodóvar that you may not recognize, and I recommend both. Finally, I hope we read (and re-read) Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan quartet before watching the new HBO series adaptation!" 

Carol Pal

"It's the first volume in a trilogy that is nominally science fiction.  In reality, it is a super tough investigation into the concept of race, and it's done through the lens of geology.  Yes, geology!  Just fantastic."

Kate Purdie

Natalie Scenters-Zapico

Anne Thompson

Michael Wimberly

"Essays on the global refugee crisis"

J Blackwell

Michael Dumanis

Camille Guthrie

"The book that knocked my socks off this year was Patricia Lockwood's Priestdaddy: A Memoir. It's the kind of hilarious (and painful) book that holds you hostage until you finish it and makes you annoy everyone around you because you have to read aloud from the section in which she describes the sounds her priest father makes on his electric guitar."

Jon Isherwood

Senem Pirler

"An exceptional collection of short stories and an introduction to Butler's writings." 

Robert Ransick

Burcu Seyben

"Hakan Gunday is regarded as the enfant terrible of Turkish literature. A very disturbing picture of the refugee crisis in Turkey."

John Umphlett

"As is mentioned in the author's history/introduction, I too can trace back through my life and recognize clear moments that began my obsession with materials.  There are so many properties inherent in this material world that make so many connections with one another often “we" or “I" don’t understand how to translate into a speaking language. A treat for those interested in stuff and origins of such things."

Ikuko Yoshida

David Bond

Noah Coburn

Karen Gover

John Hultgren

Dina Janis

"Absolutely fabulous!  Reminiscent of the best Victorian novels- but with the freshest and brightest of voices- completely surprising in its greatness."

Brian Michael Murphy

Mirka Prazak

Charles Schoonmaker

It starts with a scene in a small church in rural Ireland and spans decades.

Stephen Shapiro

Allen Shawn

Mark Wunderlich

Maya Cantu

Annabel Davis-Goff

Janet Foley

Mariam Ghani

"A book of poems written with and against terms from the Department of Defense's official dictionary."

Ben Hall

Kirk Jackson

"A small pocket book that we should all carry and read continuously for the next two years."

Mary Lum

Sue Rees

Eileen Scully

Donald Sherefkin

Debbie Warnock