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Community Reading List: 2010 Complete List

Each year the library compiles reading recommendations for the Winter Break.

Barbara Alfano

Tom Bogdan

All of her mysteries that take place in Venice are wonderful

Ron Cohen

Becky Godwin

Tracy read from this book of connected stories last spring at Bennington.

Jean-Frederic Hennuy

Kirk Jackson

Amie McClellan

Chris Miller

Geoffrey Pigman

Mirka Prazak

Sue Rees

Andy Spence

Felice Wolfzahn

Ikuko Yoshida

David Anderegg


Terry Creach

Mansour Farhang

O'Donnell taught English in Iran for fifteen years in the 1960s and 1970s. He returned to the U.S. in late 1970s and worked as a librarian in Oregon until the end of his life. His book was first published in 1980 and several years later the paperback edition came out. The book is extraordinary in terms of its creative style and perceptive observations of its author.

Dan Hofstadter

Valerie Imbruce

Sherry Kramer

Andrew McIntyre

A manifesto for teaching real mathematics - the type that mathematicians actually enjoy - in school

A model (independent of Lockhart) for how real mathematics might be taught earlier in life

Randall Neal

Kate Purdie

Jean Randich

Interwoven short stories that play out in Pakistan—gorgeous and horrifying-a real eye-opener

She’s a great writer – brilliant

Allen Shawn

Kerry Woods

Doug Bauer

Kitty Brazelton

Annabel Davis-Goff

Karen Gover

Yoko Inoue

A big fiction book (Science fiction+Psychology Theory interlaced) that would be good when you snowed in or on
a beach somewhere.

Jon Isherwood

Catherine McKeen

Carol Pal

Books that make me cry every time -- but for completely different reasons.

Quite possibly the funniest book ever written

Quite possibly the saddest book ever written

Robert Ransick

Susan Sgorbati

Betsy Sherman

Mark Wunderlich

Jason Zimba

Michael Bisio

Nick Brooke

Kathleen Dimmick

Blake Goble

Camille Guthrie

For Modernists...

For Melvillians:

Contemporary Poetry:

Mary Lum

Carol Meyer

Ann Pibal

Clearheaded, artist-centered art writing

A show that was at the Dia last year, great essays

Great little book, funny and good lessons for art and life

We are trying a lot of these permaculture ideas in our backyard!

Jenny Rohn

Donald Sherefkin

Bruce Williamson