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Community Reading List: 2017 Fiction

Each year the library compiles reading recommendations for the Winter Break.

Elisa Albert

Michael Dumanis

Dan Hofstadter

Vanessa Lyon

Sue Rees

Liz White

Barbara Alfano

From Barbara Alfano:

It is the story of a TV producer who loses his wife to an aneurysm in the same instant he's saving somebody else's lfe. To cope with the tragedy, he spends his days sitting on a bench outside of his daughter's school and from there he discovers the hidden corners of a few people's lives. It's funny, somewhat dark, and most of all ironic.

Doug Bauer

Mary Lum

Karthik Pandian

2 on black LA:

From Karthik:

Epistolary fruit from the loquat tree

From Karthik:

Reminder that we need a sense of humor in Trump's America

Elizabeth Sherman

Brooke Allen

Janet Foley

Dina Janis

From Dina Janis:

Lovely musings on life through the lens of a wonderful old Swedish curmudgeon.

Mirka Prazak

Stephen Shapiro

David Anderegg

From David Anderegg:

One seldom reads a book that is this hilarious on such a serious subject (racism) but this book succeeds brilliantly. It is a joy to read...and it recently won the Man Booker Prize, so I'm not the only one who liked it.

From David Anderegg:

One of her earliest novels, and still a marvel. It is almost absolutely pitiless, and for that reason alone it is worth reading. How can she sustain interest in such a large cast of characters, almost all of whom are so deeply unlikable? This is a book that teaches one how to write.

Marguerite Feitlowitz

Nancy Nowacek

Isabel Roche