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Community Reading List: 2017 Fiction

Each year the library compiles reading recommendations for the Winter Break.

Away by Amy Bloom Medicine Walk The Sellout

Elisa Albert

Michael Dumanis

Dan Hofstadter

Vanessa Lyon

Sue Rees

Liz White

Barbara Alfano

From Barbara Alfano:

It is the story of a TV producer who loses his wife to an aneurysm in the same instant he's saving somebody else's lfe. To cope with the tragedy, he spends his days sitting on a bench outside of his daughter's school and from there he discovers the hidden corners of a few people's lives. It's funny, somewhat dark, and most of all ironic.

Doug Bauer

Mary Lum

Karthik Pandian

2 on black LA:

From Karthik:

Epistolary fruit from the loquat tree

From Karthik:

Reminder that we need a sense of humor in Trump's America

Elizabeth Sherman

Brooke Allen

Janet Foley

Dina Janis

From Dina Janis:

Lovely musings on life through the lens of a wonderful old Swedish curmudgeon.

Mirka Prazak

Stephen Shapiro

David Anderegg

From David Anderegg:

One seldom reads a book that is this hilarious on such a serious subject (racism) but this book succeeds brilliantly. It is a joy to read...and it recently won the Man Booker Prize, so I'm not the only one who liked it.

From David Anderegg:

One of her earliest novels, and still a marvel. It is almost absolutely pitiless, and for that reason alone it is worth reading. How can she sustain interest in such a large cast of characters, almost all of whom are so deeply unlikable? This is a book that teaches one how to write.

Marguerite Feitlowitz

Nancy Nowacek

Isabel Roche