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Community Reading List: 2022 Poetry

Each year the library compiles reading recommendations for the Winter Break.

Camille Guthrie

Director of Undergraduate Writing Initiatives

Michael Wimberly

Faculty - Music

Rage Hezekiah

Assistant Director of Academic and International and Student Services

Ann Pibal

Faculty - Painting & Drawing

Jean Randich

Faculty - Drama

""To heal was to be familiar with what destroyed." --Ray Young Bear, Meskwaki poet. This gorgeous and painful meditation on the trails of tears blazed by the indigenous peoples as they were driven from their lands is a guide to our history and the roots of our plundering the continent. Joy Harjo opens up the trails for you. Read a poem a day and then go on a walking meditation. Harjo connects the systematic expulsion of the indigenous peoples with the waves of migration hitting our southern border today. Read her words. Open your eyes. Find a way to help us all come home.