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Community Reading List: 2011 Complete List

Each year the library compiles reading recommendations for the Winter Break.

Barbara Alfano

Ron Cohen

Mansour Farhang

Karen Gover

Jean-Frederic Hennuy

Sherry Kramer

Andrew McIntyre

Ann Pibal

Jean Randich

Stephen Shapiro

Doug Bauer

Annabel Davis-Goff

Marguerite Feitlowitz

Becky Godwin

I found it compelling: rich and complex and true. Lovely.

Dan Hofstadter

Kirk Jackson

Jonathan Kline

Carol Meyer

Geoffrey Pigman

A classic comic novel

A classic of diplomacy theory

Sue Rees

Betsy Sherman

Kitty Brazelton

Kathleen Dimmick

Doug Gobeille

Two classics for me will always be...

In the line of the recent zombie trend, I could also recommend...

Yoko Inoue

Mishima Yukio's tetralogy: The Sea of Fertility  If you do not want to do the four books, the first one Spring Snow is beautiful, and probably most successful and provocative --- would stand its own. Although the four reincarnations of the main character depicted through the tetralogy is interesting to go through because you follow the era and social construct between 1912 and 1975, the characters are diverse as aristocrat to extremist nationalist to Thai princess to orphan. Each titles of the tetralogy is: 

Mary Lum

Mirka Prazak

Isabel Roche

Allen Shawn

Jim Voorhies

Ikuko Yoshida

John Bullock

William Doane

Camille Guthrie

If you can't get enough Melville:

If you want more Shakespeare:

Dina Janis

Top favorite book I have read in this past year 

and one of my other recent favorites

Amie McClellan

Carol Pal

So the only new and wonderful thing that I've read recently is a book that I've read several times before.  And I adore it. The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco This is just a deep, rich, beautiful, and erudite book about the library.  Plus, it's set in the fourteenth century.  How can you lose?

Kate Purdie

Barry Saunders

Susan Sgorbati

Bruce Williamson

I recommend The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies: