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Community Reading List: 2009 Complete List

Each year the library compiles reading recommendations for the Winter Break.

Barbara Alfano

Doug Bauer

Ron Cohen

Mansour Farhang

Jonathan Kline

Carol Meyer

Ann Pibal

Betsy Sherman

David Anderegg

All poetry, all the time recommendations:

Annabel Davis-Goff

Karen Gover

George Lopez

Mary Lum

Chris Miller

Mirka Prazak

Donald Sherefkin

Steven Bach

Kitty Brazelton

Kathleen Dimmick

Dan Hofstadter

Two about Brooklyn

Andrew McIntyre

Randell Neal

Carol Pal

Everyone should read this.

A wonderful reimagining of a piece of American history. The novel blends the real character of Mary Ellen Pleasant, an extremely successful black businesswoman from California, with the raid on Harper's Ferry, and a Jamaican abolitionist,'s great!

Kerry Woods

Both Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln celebrate 200th birthday on 12 Feb -- or, rather, we should celebrate their joint birthday by reading stuff by and about them.