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Black Studies: Select Lectures and Events, 20th C.

A guide to our history, our present, our future, solely for our wellbeing.

Alain Locke, 1943

Anna Arnold Hedgeman, 1945

Vermont Forum on Racial Discrimination, 1948

Ira De Augustine Reid, 1950


Sociologist Ira De Augustine Reid was the moderator for the week-long Conference on Contemporary America. Photo | Article 

Ben Enwonwu, 1950

Woolworth's Protest, 1960

Black Consciousness Week, 1971

Sequences and Events in Black Music, 1973

October Revolution in Jazz Anniversary Celebration, 1994

Mbelelo Mzamane, 1991

Anne Forrester '63 lecture, 1996

Jamaica Kincaid reading, 1991

Judith Jamison, 1991

Lead Belly, 1936

Art Exhibition, 1941

Ralph Ellison, 1945, 1964, & 1974

"Stanley Hyman convinced me that I might possibly have something to say which would be of interest to an audience. This was shortly after he had arrived here to become a member of Bennington's faculty and I fought him off as long as I could but I was just curious about what was going to happen to him considering some of the things we used to do rather late at night, over a bottle. So I agreed, really rather opportunistically, to come up, to see what the scene was up here. To pay for that I had to stand up and try to talk, with a certain amount of consistency, to an audience, over in the Commons. Out of such mixed motives are careers made, I suppose, because I have been a teacher in various places since then." Ralph Ellison

William J. Trent, 1949

Colloquium on the Civil Rights Movement, 1966

Memorial Service for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968

Ishmael Reed, 1973


Reading from his poetry and novel.

Lloyd McNeill, 1968


Mr. T, 1986

Odili Donald Odita exhibition, 1990

Nicholas Leichter Dance, 1999