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Black Studies: Artists' Books

A guide to our history, our present, our future, solely for our wellbeing.

Look at Examples of Artists' Books in Crossett

The guide to artists' books is designed to encourage you to explore the collection. Unlike most of Crossett's collections, the artists' books are not in the open shelves, so this guide is a way to digitally browse the collection by subject, structure, material, process, or publisher and then ask a librarian to look at the titles you are interested in seeing.

Artists' Books by Clarissa Sligh

Kara Walker

Ibrahim El-Salahi

Process Deck by the Black School

Testament Project by Kris Graves

Coloured Publishing

Coloured Publishing is an LA-based publisher of art books, zines, prints, and more, founded by artist Devin Troy Strother and designer Yuri Ogita.

Tia Blassingame


Lettermen by Kevin Jerome Everson