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Black Studies: William Ransom, '04

A guide to our history, our present, our future, solely for our wellbeing.

Location - Crossett Library Main Entrance


William Ransom, '04

American, 1975-


Farm Boy






William Ransom makes meticulously crafted, large-scale sculptural works from recycled and found wood, that sometimes include composting and other biological entropic activities. Fusing the old and the new, Ransom combines nostalgia for bygone materials and production methods with sustainable solutions for a future lifestyle.

He has exhibited at the Torrance Art Museum, John Davis Gallery, HANGAR Gallery, Ogilvy & Mater - The Chocolate Factory, Steve Turner Gallery, and others. In 2009, he was an artist in residence at the Lenzer Family Art Gallery at Pitzer College. 


William Ransom, '04